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I help women THRIVE & SHINE
in their life, career and relationships
from a place of alignment with who they truly are






You have landed here on my page with no coincidence. Your soul is calling you to bring transformation into your life. To assume yourself as a woman in this life and live freely, from your feminine core and soul purpose.


So let's meet each other.


Who am I?

I'm a Women Transformational Coach, Feminine Leadership Mentor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Creative Writer and much more.

But first of all, I'm a Woman. A woman like you, who rediscovers herself every day, in all her beauty and inner strength. A woman who went through heaven and hell and came out victorious. A woman who loves life and believes in magic.

I grew up from a person full of fears into a free, courageous, strong, creative person who now embraces life fully and lives every day in gratitude, joy and love - and foremost love for herself. Years ago, my life looked perfect on the outside but on the inside something was missing. So one day, when I no longer recognized the woman in the mirror, I decided: NO MORE. And I started to take my life back. Was it it easy? Not at all. Was it worthy? Oh, YES!

What have I found along the way? First, there was pain, non sense, confusion, grief, fear. Then I embarked myself into my self healing journey and I started discover who was the woman inside - the one I was keeping so small and hidden for too long. A strong, assumed, feminine, peaceful, free woman, overflowing with energy, proud of herself and what she stands for every day of her life burst out. Like a phoenix from the ashes Step by step, this woman has built the life she had so much dreamt for. And all the impossible became I'm possible.


I carry a bracelet that always reminds me of my mantra: "All I need is within me". Whatever and whoever happens around me, whatever wind blows, I'm standing firmly on my feet. Strong, resourceful, with a smile on my face and an open heart. Because I know anything is possible for me. And all the resources are in me.

I am proof that you can transform your life and build yourself again from the ashes. I am proof that you can disrupt social and family patterns and live life like a woman from flow, easiness, joy and pure love.   

For me, it took years to gather all the tools, go through ups and downs, trials and errors, learn the painful lessons in order to live this amazing life and enjoy myself as a woman fully. Unlike me, you won't have to go through this alone, because I'm here for you. And I already have the toolkit ready to help you and guide yourself towards Becoming. Becoming the real YOU.

Let me guide you HOME ♥️ 


Who are You?

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Transformational 90-day Program

​I'm here for you and I'm determined to help you discover yourself.

To find your lust for life, your joy of living, your inner spark and what truly makes you happy!

No, change doesn't happen in a day. But what I can promise you is that it won't take you years. It's not necessary to go through the same difficult process I went through. I'll give you all the necessary tools and guide you so that you get results in a short time.

Step by step, I'll be by your side and I'll support you to bring change in your life.

At the end of our journey together, you will find yourself as you have always been:

Feminine, Full of Resources and Full of Life.

And everything around you will reflect your light. 

You will walk your path with your head held high and your eyes sparkling.

Because now you know you are a QUEEN.

I'm ready to put on the table all my experience and abilities to support you in your becoming.

All  you need is already within you. Together, we just bring it out to light.

I've created BLOOM transformational program especially for you. It's a unique 90-days program, in which I stand by your side every single day to support you, to hold your hand, to create the space so that you can flourish and transform into the most beautiful version of yourself. Your journey "from caterpillar to butterfly".


Have the courage and make the first step towards yourself!

 Have the courage to take your life in your own hands and live your life like the woman

you were designed to be.

I'm here for you to guide you and hold your hand towards your becoming.



Thank You for guiding me towards the version of the woman who inspires me to turn dreams into reality, for your continuous support in bringing out the best in me and especially for the courage You instill in me not to stop when fierce battles are happening inside of me.
I feel like you are offering me all the gifts anyone could wish for from an exceptional mentor, you are truly a blessing in my life! With more and more love and gratitude for the impact you have on me! 💖"

Iulia I. - Agile Coach


I'm here to help you meet yourself as you never did before!

Throughout this journey, you will bring to life your most authentic and beautiful version and you will rediscover the lust for life, the joy of living and your feminine inner spark.  

The woman you dream to become is already inside of you!

You just need to let her out.

Allow yourself to BLOOM!

Before working with me, I offer a FREE complimentary call to see how I can support you in your journey towards yourself.


Click the button below in order to schedule a call:


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